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Includes the following parts:

1 Subframe/skid plate/frame end link mount assembly
2 Front axle lower link mounts
1 Front axle upper link mount/panhard mount
1 Frame end panhard mount
2 Front axle lower shock mounts
2 Rear axle lower link mounts
2 Rear axle upper link mounts
2 Rear axle lower shock mounts (choice of: above the axle or behind the axle)
4 Lower link tubes-2”x.247” wall DOM
3 Upper link tubes- 1 3/4”x.120” DOM
1 Panhard bar-1 1/8”x.230 wall DOM
8 1¼” Heim joints/jam nuts/tube bungs
6 7/8” Heim joints/jam nuts/tube bungs
2 3/4” Chromoly heim joints/jam nuts for panhard bar
1 90* front axle breather fitting
14 5/8 grade 8 bolts/nuts/washers for links
2 5/8 grade 8 bolts/nuts/washers for panhard
16 5/8 grade 8 bolts for skid plate

Important notes about this kit:

Fits 1979-1995 regular cab short bed trucks and 4runners when equipped with 4cyl engine and “W” or “G” series transmissions.
Can be used with single or double transfer case, clocked dual case adaptor will require slight modification to transfer case mount and skid plate.

Does not fit ex-cab or long bed models (this version is coming soon).
79-83 trucks must be converted to “G” or ”W” series transmissions for a direct fit. Original “L” series transmission can be used with a double transfer case AND with modification to the transfer case mount and skid plate.
V6 trucks must be converted to a gear drive, double transfer case AND will require modification to the transfer case mount and skid plate.
• This system requires modifications to the exhaust system.
• This system requires relocating the fuel tank.
• This system requires but does not include shocks (coil over or air shocks) upper shock mounts, limit straps, or bump stops.
• This system requires extensive modification to your vehicle’s factory suspension that will effect on road handling. We recommend this product for OFF ROAD USE only.
• This system requires numerous welds, most of which are critical to the safety and durability of your suspension. We recommend that all welding be performed by a qualified welder.

We all like to drive on rocks (if you didn’t you probably wouldn’t be reading this). Rocks like to get up between all of the different things that hang below your frame. Most of you that have crawled a leaf sprung Toyota have probably been stuck with a rock between the transfer case cross member and the front shackle or the rear leaf spring hanger, this usually results in lots of rock stacking and/or high lift work. All of this begs the question: If you are going through the trouble and expense of linking your truck why would you keep this flawed design by using four individual link brackets that hang below the frame and create these same points and voids to get rocks stuck between? Or even worse, put the link mounts up between the frame rails which results in less than desirable link geometry.

The reality is that a flat belly slides over rocks and one with points and voids gets you stuck. That is why most guys build buggies with a sub frame that has a flat skid plate from the front links to the rear links. With this design you can have a fairly low belly and the suspension geometry benefits that come with it. When you come across a rock that is taller than your belly you slide up your front links, across your skid plate, and down your rear links. Even if you “belly out” a simple push or pull will usually get you moving versus having to do the jack and stack routine.

Our link suspension system is designed around a sub frame/skid plate that is welded to the frame and incorporates all of the frame side link mounts for both the front and rear suspension, and mounts for the transfer case/cases. BUT WAIT! Everyone claims you can’t do that because you will have cross members in the way of removing your transmission or transfer case, or that you will have to take your suspension apart to remove the sub frame for access, or that it will be a rickety bolt together mess. Well, we proved them all wrong by designing a removable center skid plate that provides full access to the transmission and transfer case without its removal affecting any suspension parts, the skid plate can be removed with the truck sitting on it’s tires. The skid plate is held on with EIGHTEEN 5/8 grade 8 bolts and when bolted in becomes an integral part of the sub frame structure, but can be removed in a matter of minutes for access to the transfer case.

Toyota axle tubes are not known for being made from the thickest material and let’s face it, not everyone is a pro welder so we designed our link mounts to maximize the available weld surface area. Lower link brackets are gusseted top and bottom to spread the load over the largest possible area. Upper link mounts are gusseted to provide support and weld area on multiple planes.

The front suspension is a three link with a panhard bar and is designed to work with most aftermarket high steer setups with the steering box in the stock location or moved forward (some moved steering box arrangements may require an aftermarket pitman arm for proper steering geometry) rear suspension is a double triangulated 4 link.
We like to build parts that last, and more importantly don’t leave our customers stranded on the trail. All of our brackets are laser cut from 1/4” steel, and all joints and heims are held in by 5/8 grade 8 bolts. The joints we include are manufactured by Ballistic Fabrication. This joint was chosen for it’s superior design in both strength and ease of adjustment or rebuilding.
Installation is easy for anyone with a grinder, welder, a couple of hand tools, and the skills to operate them. Most of the brackets index into place with only a few areas requiring minimal grinding to fit your individual truck. Link tubes are provided extra long and will allow stretching the wheelbase up to 6” in the rear and 8” in the front (steering box mount modifications required if moving axle forward).

Our team at Mayhem Metal Works ranges from some of the best 4×4 Rock Crawling experts, Drag Car Racers to engineers from the highest scientific achievements. We’ve sent things to space and back! It’s safe to say we know our fabrication.

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